Search our directory of jobs posted by couples currently planning their weddings, and are in need of your services. Search by your calendar availability, couple’s wedding date, zip code, service type, the price couples are willing to pay, or preferred level of experience. Create your profile, showcase your services, and set up your account so you can receive payment for your services directly through the auction marketplace. Once your profile is created, couples will be able to preview your work and can invite you to apply to their jobs.

Don’t be outbid by the competition! Get Genies today and see how much the competition is bidding! When you purchase 50 Genies per month (for $10), you will also enjoy the benefits of customized email alerts based on your zip code, priority directory listing, and more...

Negotiate your contracts with the confidence that your fee is protected by WSX. When you sign a contract with a couple, WSX collects funds from the couple and makes sure that payments are made to you based on the contract terms.


Create your profile to showcase your business or service – make your case for couples to hire you, just like you do at wedding shows…this is your online wedding show, so convince couples that you are the right merchant for them.

Select your service or services, describe your services and highlight your successes and accolades received. Let couples know your experience level (are you at entry level or an expert?), state your fee model (fixed price or hourly rate), display your certifications and licenses, and definitely fill your photo gallery. Oh, are you bi-lingual or multi-lingual? Let couples know; they may prefer to communicate in a native language.

Calendar Availability

Let couples know whether you are available before they contact you, so you save time by not having to respond to invitations for dates you are already booked. Select entire days or specific hours with a click of your mouse.

Bid / Counter Bid

Merchants apply for jobs by submitting a Bid or proposal. When the couple receives a bid, they can counter the bid with a price they feel fits their budget. The merchant can either accept that counter-bid or counter again. The couple can counter the bid as many times as they wish; the party receiving the counter-bid does not have to accept it.

Offer / Counter Offer

Couples post their jobs with a price they would like to pay (the ‘offer’). When merchants apply to the job they can counter the offer with a price they want to charge for the service. The couple can either accept that offer or counter again. The merchant can then counter the second offer; the party receiving the counter-offer does not have to accept it.

Genies (Tokens)

Merchants require genies to bid on a job; each job requires two genies (genies are not required if the merchant was invited to bid on the job). Ten (10) genies are provided (monthly) at no cost (Basic Tier Genie) to merchants when they sign up. The Premium Tier Genie option gives 50 genies for the month.

Basic Genie

Basic tier genie provides 10 genies each month, free of cost, with no roll over. Additional genies are available for purchase in blocks of 2 for $1.00

Boost Hiring - Premium Genie

Increase your chances of getting hired by bidding on more jobs. Get premium tier genie for only $10 per month, and receive 50 genies per month. Unused genies are automatically rolled over to the next month, up to 80 genies.

Payment Protection

We manage payments on behalf of couples, which ensures that merchants do not need to worry about getting paid. Couples provide their payment method (credit card) prior to posting a job; when milestones become due, our payment management system will deduct the payment due for the milestone from the couple’s credit card, and provide the funds to the merchant on the milestone due date.

Communicating with couples

Save tons on travel cost: meet prospective clients face-to-face via video-chat, anytime, anywhere.


View the status of your bids, contracts, pending invitations, and milestones paid, with our at-a-glance dashboards. Like a job posting but unsure whether to bid? Save the job to your dashboard for easy re-visit.


View and/or download visual reports of contracts in progress, earnings, and withdrawal.