How it works


Use our auction marketplace to create and post your jobs for wedding services and let vendors come to you! Alternately, search our extensive merchants listing using numerous criteria (inclusive of service type, price point, zip code, level of experience, willingness to travel, certifications, bonded, and calendar availability), and invite merchants to bid on your job. Tell merchants how much you are willing to pay via a fixed price, hourly rate, or budget indicator ($ - inexpensive; $$ - moderate; $$$ - intermediate; $$$$ - top dollars). There is no subscription fee for couples to use the Auction Marketplace.

Couples enjoy benefits such as instant match with the right merchant; verified merchant history, feedback, and credentials. Built-in collaboration tools include text, video, audio, and a sketchpad! Our consolidated invoicing and payment management removes the hassle of managing payments to multiple merchants. Plus, a concise dashboard gives you the ability to gauge the progress of your planning at a glance!


Search our directory of jobs posted by couples currently planning their weddings, and are in need of your services. Search by your calendar availability, couple’s wedding date, zip code, service type, the price couples are willing to pay, or preferred level of experience. Create your profile, showcase your services, and set up your account so you can receive payment for your services directly through the auction marketplace. Once your profile is created, couples will be able to preview your work and can invite you to apply to their jobs.

Don’t be outbid by the competition! Get Genies today and see how much the competition is bidding! When you purchase 50 Genies per month (for $10), you will also enjoy the benefits of customized email alerts based on your zip code, priority directory listing, and more...

Negotiate your contracts with the confidence that your fee is protected by WSX. When you sign a contract with a couple, WSX collects funds from the couple and makes sure that payments are made to you based on the contract terms.

Make A Deal

Couples, invite merchants to apply to your job posting; respond to the proposals merchants submit for your job; make an offer, or counter the offer on a proposal. Merchants, bid on jobs and let couples know your willingness to negotiate your price point. Both parties communicate seamlessly via chat, video or audio without leaving WSX’s website; specify your contract terms and conditions, including terms of payment and service delivery. Agree on price, timing of payment, and unique contract terms. WSX stores all communications and documents submitted by either party, and both parties have access to these communications and documents as long as their accounts remain active.


Execute your contract right here on WSX – no need to go offline. All contract terms are saved and retained by WSX and are readily available to you as long as your account remains active. WSX will collect funds from couples on a timeline that correlates with the payment terms agreed to with merchants; WSX makes payments to merchants on behalf of couples, and thereby relieves couples of the burden and stress of managing multiple payments to numerous merchants, while saving them precious time.

Get Service

Merchants deliver services to couples based on the contract terms both parties agreed to. Final payments on contracts are typically authorized or disbursed on the day service is delivered.


Couples provide WSX with information on their method of payment (credit card, debit card, or PayPal) either during the sign-up process or immediately prior to posting a job. Couples give WSX authorization to withdraw funds from their source of payment at or about the time that payments are due to merchants, based on the timing of payment couples and merchants agree to in the respective contracts. Typically, for most contracts there is an initial deposit, an interim payment, and a final payment. WSX will never place a charge on a couple’s account if they have not entered into a contract with a merchant.

Couples pay a small transaction fee to WSX; this fee is included in the amounts withdrawn from couples’ accounts when they pay merchants. Merchants pay a transaction fee on the value of their contracts.