1. What is Wedding Service XChange® (WSX)?

  •  It’s an all-in-one web-based auction platform to bring engaged couples to you, the merchant.
  •  Using cutting edge auction software technology, you can find jobs, apply, sign a contract, and get paid all in the same place.
  •  We exist for your business to grow… you’re welcome.

2. Why should I register with WSX?

  •  Signing up is FREE! It cost you nothing, nada, zilch! Its FREE advertising for your business!
  •  Because you’re awesome, and we are here to increase your clientele and help you to grow your business! Our website wouldn’t work without you registering and bidding on jobs.
  •  You can share your availability via the calendar feature, to avoid confusion and double booking, and maximize your earning potential.
  •  Couples are looking to hire merchants like yourself, so why not you? When a couple posts a job, you have the ability to get notified first, view the posting, learn about the couple, and place your bid for the job.

3. What happens when I register?

  •  You become part of the WSX community where our goal aligns with yours, which is to grow your business.
  •  You must verify your email address and phone number provided
  •  Complete your profile at the time you register, or leave it for later; set up your calendar availability, upload photos to showcase your work, and make your case for Couples to hire your services.
  •  Your will receive FREE Genies (Tokens) to start bidding on jobs.

4. What are Genies?

  •  Genies are the currency you use to place a bid on a job – more Genies, more opportunity for business
  •  Genies are not required when a couple invites you to bid on a job.

5. How much does it cost?

  •  Signing up is FREE! It cost you nothing. This is our Basic Genie option. Both Basic and Premium Genie subscribers pay a small transaction fee when they receive payment from couples.
  •  For a more robust experience, sign up for Premium Genie and enjoy additional benefits, such as instant email notifications when new jobs are posted.
  •  The cost for Premium Genie is only $10 a month! This is the lowest in the industry, and less than the cost of a cup of coffee per day for the month!
  •  See the full benefits of Premium Genie now!

6. I don’t want to pay to register, can I bid on jobs for free?

  •  For sure, the Basic Genie membership is always an option.
  •  With Basic Genie, you receive 10 Genies a month to use for bidding on jobs.

7. What is the difference between Basic and Premium Genie accounts?

  •  With Premium Genie you can add up to 50 images to showcase your business; receive invitation from couples to bid on their jobs; see competitors bids; receive alerts when new jobs are posted in your area, and much, much more….
  •  With Premium Genie you pay only 6% transaction fee when you receive payment from couples; Basic Genie subscribers pay 9% transaction fee.
  •  See the full benefits of Premium Genie now!

8. How will I sign a contract with the Couple?

  •  When a couple sends you an offer and you accept the offer, you essentially sign a contract with the Couple.
  •  All written communications between you and the Couple will be retained as part of the contract.
  •  You may add specific contract terms before you accept an offer.

9. How do I know if my bid is accepted?

  •  If you have notifications turned on, you will receive an email/text message that your bid has been accepted and the Couple has sent you an Offer. The contract starts when you accept the Offer.
  •  If you turn off notifications and your bid is accepted, you will see an alert (number) on the notifications bell when you next log into your account.

10. What if my bid is accepted and I no longer want the job?

  •  No big deal, you have the option to decline the offer.

11. How do I get paid?

  •  WSX will send payment to your bank account; you should provide a bank account before you accept an offer to be hired.  
  •  If you are a Basic Genie subscriber, we ask that you provide a bank or PayPal account before you can accept a job offer.
  •  Premium Genie subscribers provide their bank or PayPal account when they sign up for Premium Genie.
  •  Your payment will be available based on the terms of your contract with the Couple.
  •  You may select options to receive your available funds automatically, or you may manually initiate the transfer of available funds to your bank or PayPal account.

12. What if I accept an offer and cannot deliver the service?

  •  The Contract is a legally binding commitment; if you cancel a contract, the aggrieved party (the Couple) may have legal recourse against you.
  •  To avoid legal exposure or uncertainties, we strongly recommend that you include contract terms to address any uncertainty of which you are concerned.
  •  If you cancel a contract after you have received payment on a milestone, you will be obligated to return the payment.

13. Can I customize my profile?

  •  Of course! We encourage creativity and want you to use our platform to best represent yourself and your business
  •  By using the top right corner drop down next to your photo, you have the ability to edit your profile and provide additional information for your potential clients to use and get to know you better

14. How do I delete my account?

  •  Simply click the drop down bar beside your photo/logo and select ‘delete my account’.
  •  You can always come back!


1. What is Wedding Service Xchange® (WSX)?

  •  WSX is an all-in-one web-based wedding planning auction platform designed to help couples save time and money on wedding services.
  •  You’re looking for the services to make your wedding day, YOUR wedding day, and WSX wants to give that to you with ease. We bring together thousands of merchants who are eager to bid on your jobs.
  •  Couples can invite merchants to place bids on their jobs, respond (via chat, audio, video, or doodle) and negotiate price, hire, and pay for services, all in one place, on WSX! Talk about convenience!
  •  Using cutting edge auction software technology, we have simplified the process to hire merchants for the wedding services you need, provided price transparency, and empowered you to influence to price you pay.

2. Why should my fiancé and I use WSX?

  •  Easy. Stop chasing merchants and let them come to you; see prices that other merchants charge and empower your ability to negotiate the best price; get relief from the hassle of managing payments to multiple merchants – make a single payment to WSX and we manage payments to all the merchants you hire on our platform; save significant time in the process.
  •  Use our interactive To Do List to manage the 50+ most important tasks that must be done before your wedding day arrives.
  •  Communicate with merchants directly on WSX using chat, voice, video or doodle.
  •  See the status of all elements of your planning at a glance – jobs posted, bids received, merchants hired, payments made, to do list completion, and yes, the weather forecast for your special day!

3. How is WSX different than other wedding platforms?

  •  WSX is the ONLY wedding planning platform that is focused solely on helping you to save time and money in hiring services for your wedding!
  •  We do not charge you a fee to register to use the site, and you will only pay a small service fee when you hire merchants.
  •  We do not bombard you with third party ads on the site, as we do not want you to be distracted from this important task of finding the best services for your wedding.