Use our auction marketplace to create and post your jobs for wedding services and let vendors come to you! Alternately, search our extensive merchants listing using numerous criteria (inclusive of service type, price point, zip code, level of experience, willingness to travel, certifications, bonded, and calendar availability), and invite merchants to bid on your job. Tell merchants how much you are willing to pay via a fixed price, hourly rate, or budget indicator ($ - inexpensive; $$ - moderate; $$$ - intermediate; $$$$ - top dollars). There is no subscription fee for couples to use the Auction Marketplace.

Couples enjoy benefits such as instant match with the right merchant; verified merchant history, feedback, and credentials. Built-in collaboration tools include text, video, audio, and a sketchpad! Our consolidated invoicing and payment management removes the hassle of managing payments to multiple merchants. Plus, a concise dashboard gives you the ability to gauge the progress of your planning at a glance!


Create your profile to showcase your big occasion – tell your story: how you met, where you met, what lit the spark, how long you have been together… add a video link if you prefer.

Select your wedding theme, attire, and wedding location to inform visitors to your profile. Add your cultural background, cuisine preferences, and number of guests to give merchants information when they consider bidding on your jobs.

Posting Jobs

Once your profile is completed you are ready to post your jobs. Select the service you need from our database of 50+ wedding service categories, then describe exactly what you are need; select the language you prefer to converse in (with merchants), how you wish to pay for the service (fixed price or by the hour), the skill level you prefer the merchant to possess, and any screening questions (such as ‘Do you offer no-cost consultations’) you would like the merchant to answer when they bid on your job.

Offer / Counter Offer

Couples post their jobs with the price they would like to pay (the ‘offer’). They can invite preferred merchants (an ‘Invite to Job’ button appears beside the profiles of preferred merchants) to apply to their job.

When merchants apply to the job they can counter the offer with a price they want to charge for the service. The couple can either accept that offer or counter again. The merchant can then counter the second offer; the party receiving the counter-offer does not have to accept it until they are satisfied with the price.

Bid / Counter Bid

Merchants can apply to your job without being invited to do so, by submitting a bid or proposal. When the couple receives a bid, they can counter the bid with a price they feel fits their budget. The merchant can either accept that counter-bid or counter again. The couple can counter the bid as many times as they wish; the party receiving the counter-bid does not have to accept it until they are satisfied with the price.


When both couple and merchant agree on the price, you will set up payment milestones. The marketplace will use these milestone dates to initiate payments from couples and payments to merchants.

Invite Merchants

You may invite preferred merchants to bid on your job. An ‘Invite to Job’ button appears beside the name of preferred merchants.

Payment Management

Our marketplace is designed to help couples save significant time, particularly with respect to managing payments to merchants. Couples provide their payment method (credit card) prior to posting a job; when milestones become due, our payment management system will deduct the payment due for the milestone from the couple’s credit card, and provide the funds to the merchant on the milestone due date.


Use our budgeter to manage your high level budget. Input your total budget and any spend you make outside the marketplace; services purchased on the marketplace will be automatically added to your spend, and your available budget dollars will be displayed.


Use our detailed planner to ensure no task is overlooked. Ten main categories and 55 sub-categories of to-do items help you maintain your cool as the big day approaches.

Communicating with merchants

Talk with merchants anytime, anywhere, with our comprehensive suite of communication tools (voice, video, text); need a little visual? Doodle it!


View the status of your job posts, bids, hires (contracts), milestones, and payments with our at-a-glance dashboards. Like a merchant but unsure whether to hire? Save the merchant information on your dashboard for easy re-visit.


View and/or download visual reports of contracts in progress, services hired, merchants contracted, and payments made.

Giving Feedback

Let our merchants know how well they did; please take a minute after the big day to give feedback to the merchants you hire.