About Us

At Wedding Service XChange® (WSX) we are focused on helping engaged couples take better control of their pocketbook and their time as they navigate the financially perilous waters of wedding planning. WSX allows couples to attract merchants who are interested in providing the services they (couples) need, at affordable prices; sign contracts and make payments, accept gifts in cash and kind, and tell their story, all within the convenience of a single platform.

WSX is designed to help engaged couples plan their wedding with confidence by giving them significant control over their time and the price they pay for wedding services. We are committed to help couples experience the joy, fun, and celebration that a wedding is meant to bring.

Couples engage, negotiate, hire, and pay merchants for their essential wedding services, all in one place! They avoid the stress and time-consuming hassle of the traditional planning process. Their time is their money, and we help them to save on both when they engage with WSX.


WSX’s mission is to provide couples with the tools to control the ever-increasing cost and time commitment needed to plan their wedding, and to assist them in achieving significant savings in the process. This is being achieved through an innovative electronic auction marketplace that allows couples to receive multiple price quotations from merchants for each service they post to the marketplace.


WSX’s vision is that its auction-style marketplace will revolutionize the way couples plan their wedding, by bringing the wedding service providers (merchants) to couples, instead of having couples go in search of the services, as is the tradition today.